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Available in 500ml Bottles

  • Rogue Hop NZ Pilsner

    Rogue Hop NZ Pilsner

    This NZ Pilsner comes alive when our enthusiastic brewers unleash the 'rogue hop' into the kettle; cutting loose gooseberry flavours and a squeaky clean finish thatí´s as fresh as a dip at the Waimak' Gorge.

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  • The YankDak A.P.A - Harrington's Breweries

    YankDak APA

    YankDak APA



    YankDak APA


    Our brewers hammered hop combos and remeasured malt mixes to work the APA recipe down to the essence of this great New World beer style. The result? A flag-waving beacon of an American ale with a fist-pumping mix of citrus and floral American hops.

    4.7% Alc./Vol

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  • Brotherhood Crushed Pineapple & Cider

    Brotherhood Crushed Pineapple & Cider

    Naturally fermented Crushed Pineapple & Cider. A sparkling beverage with delicately sweet tropical tones that shine through to create a fresh new cider experience.

    5.0% ALC./VOL

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  • Classy Red Session Red IPA

    Classy Red Session Red IPA

    This ruby red recipe strikes the perfect balance between rich malts and fruity New Zealand hops. With a late grapefruit and gooseberry burst of Nelson Sauvin and Pacifica hops delivering an explosive hit this ale is at once sessionable and sophisticated.

    4.8% Alc./Vol

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  • The Wobbly Boot Porter - Harrington's Breweries

    Wobbly Boot Porter

    Our English Porter has a strong black malt edge and big 'melt-in-your-mouth´ flavours of dark chocolate and sweet crystal malts. Smooth and rich, ití´s more than a tad drinkable.

    5.0% Alc./Vol

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  • The Traveller, NZ Pale Ale - Harrington's Breweries

    Traveller NZ Pale Ale

    Take a trip through the native malt and hop growing regions of New Zealand. Experience a balanced pale ale finished by a fresh citrusy slice of kiwiana. An ale packed with easygoing attitude and a healthy dollop of adventure. 

    4.4% Alc/Vol

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  • 25th Rogue Deluxe, NZ Pilsner - Harrington's Breweries

    25th Rogue Deluxe, NZ Pilsner

    Celebrate 25 years of Harrington’s!

    We have taken our popular Rogue Hop NZ Pilsner and pumped it up by 25%. An abundance of extra hops really bring those gooseberry flavours to party in a 25 percent stronger beer. This is a special limited release, enjoy it before the candles go out!

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  • Imperial American Pale Ale - Harrington's Breweries

    Brewers' Selection Imperial American Pale Ale

    The IMPERIAL APA you is a showcase of American Simcoe, Centennial and Chinook hops, which we might add are like the proverbial hen's teeth to get your hands on depending on the season.

    The APA is a relatively young style of beer when compared to its ancient cousins from Europe. But this new, imperial expression will leave you certain that the style is here to stay.

    Our iAPA is a great match for a wide variety of foods. Excellent with a range of spicy foods where the crisp bitterness of the hops cuts through the spice and provides a refreshing accompaniment to the strong flavours. The malt profile creates bready, sweet caramel notes. However, the US hop mix dominates. With mind blowing fruity citrus aromas, a strong bitterness (90IBU) and crisp mouthfeel, it is a hop lovers dream.

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  • Brotherhood Cider - Three Berries & Cider

    Brotherhood Three Berries & Cider

    One of our brewers came up with the idea of adding raspberries to our classic cider. It was a hit, but we didn’t stop there - we added cranberries and boysenberries too! This berry blend strikes the perfect balance of aroma, fruit flavour and tart finish for a rustic berry beverage treat.

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  • The East Indies Lager - Harrington's Breweries

    East Indies Lager

    This East Indian marvel is brewed to complement those dry balmy days. Golden in colour, crisp and light to the palate, its fresh dry edge dances well with a good spicy curry.

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  • The Ngahere Gold, Strong Lager - Harrington's Breweries

    Ngahere Gold Strong Lager

    This bracingly strong drop, a local favourite, was the first commercial Helle Bock born in NZ. It's a German-style lager, characterised by high strength, sweet malt flavours and full body, with the Nelson Sauvin hops putting subtle gooseberry tones against the grains.

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  • 500ml

    FREE SHIPPING 25th Old Spice - Spiced Ale

    Commemorating 25 years in business, Harrington’s and Cryer Malt collaboratively brewed a Christmas cake inspired Spiced Ale.   Part of the proceeds are going to the City Mission as a sign of their continued community support.
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  • Belgian Tempest, Spiced Belgian Strong Ale - Harrington's Breweries

    Belgian Tempest, Spiced Belgian Strong Ale

    Why mess with tradition when you can brew like a monk? Crafted from a very old recipe, our spiced Belgian strong ale carries subtle notes of coriander, mandarin and orange peel, supporting a robust and complex malt character.

    7.0% Alc./Vol

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  • The Big John Special Reserve, Bourbon Infused Strong Dark - Harrington's Breweries

    Big John Special Reserve, Bourbon Infused Dark Ale

    Inspired by John Harrington, the grandfather of the brewery. This strong dark brings with it notes of toffee and spice along with rich oak and vanilla from the Kentucky Bourbon infusion.

    6.5% Alc./Vol

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  • Baltic Porter - Harrington's Breweries

    Brewers' Selection Baltic Porter

    Our take on this classic stays true to the blueprint, with a generous malt bill and a robust ABV (8.5%), to produce a rich and rewarding dark beer. Huge chocolate and coffee flavours dominate, with shades of sweetness, dark fruit and raisins. The aroma is enticing, the finish is smooth.

    8.5% Alc./Vol

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  • Brewers Selection Black IPA - Harrington's Breweries

    Brewers' Selection Black IPA

    This Black IPA was brewed on our 25th anniversary using a new malt from Gladfield Malt. The unique characteristic of this malt is that it adds caramel flavours without additional sweetness or roasted notes, giving brewers an alternative option to balance the beer without sacrificing flavours. Harrington’s Breweries was lucky to be one of the first to brew with this malt "Supernova" and felt it deserved an all New Zealand high hop backing of Cascade and Nelson Sauvin.

    Cheers to another 25 years!

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  • India Pale Ale (I.P.A) - Harrington's Breweries

    Brewers' Selection India Pale Ale

    As one story goes, India Pale Ales originated out of the highly hopped beers that shipped from Britain to India in colonial times. The preserving power of the hop protected the beer from spoiling during the long trip, imparting the beers with a distinctive aroma and flavour that was suited to the hotter climate.

    As an aside, this may not actually be true. But most certainly at some point this pale, hoppy ale became an in demand commodity. Today, IPAs have become synonymous with the West Coast of America where hop varieties are crammed into bottles of explosively flavoured ales. Our release has a foot in both camps, but leaning more towards a strong modern British approach.

    It's a big bold beer, with a crisp bitterness and orange-marmalade notes from our 7 - yes seven - hop additions, all laid on a bed of sweet malt flavour.


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  • The Clydesdale Stout - Harrington's Breweries

    Clydesdale Stout


    Clydesdale Stout


    A smooth yet strong stout brewed with a handpicked mix of traditional European roasted malts. A velvety feel and a smooth, creamy head.

    5.0% Alc./Vol

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  • Pig & Whistle Mild Dark Ale

    Pig & Whistle Mild Dark Ale

    It's the classic New Zealand mild dark. Light in feel, this beer offers subtle cocoa and roast coffee tones on the tongue from the chocolate malts, while Fuggles hops complement these complex malt flavours.

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  • The Prince Harry Ginger Beer - Harrington's Breweries

    Prince Harry Brewed Ginger Beer

    Naturally fermented, truly full flavoured, wholesome alcoholic real ginger beer. Our brewery recipe uses genuine ingredients to create a well-mannered ginger beer with a hint of cheeky stiff upper lip attitude.

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  • The Galactic Empire - Harrington's Breweries

    The Galactic Empire

    Sold out
    Sold out
    Australian grown Galaxy hops are paired here with New Zealand's Nelson Sauvin hops. The resulting
    flavours are pineapple, stonefruit and gooseberries, shot into hyperspace by nutty pilsner malts.

    Brewed for GABS 2016.

    6.5% ABV
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