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Mark White Harringtons BreweriesFrom the Cellar,

Hi everyone and once again it’s been a while since my last blog but I have been so busy with the hands on and overseeing the internal re-fit of the Harrington’s Parkhouse brewery amongst other things.
So much has happened in the last couple of months like the Kaikoura Seafood Fest and the Dunedin Beer Fest at the Railway station. Thanking those involved and we were once again popular as ever to showcase our Ciders and Beer range with the inclusion of our Launch of our YankDak APA and Prince Harry Ginger Beer. Great feedback on those.

With the Re-fit we commissioned the new Hot liquor tank which was converted from a 100hl (10,000lt)Yogurt vessel, we inserted a steam coil for the heating and had Comac Engineering to plumb in the steam lines with some other flash gear! Roy our Engineer assisted me with the installation of the massive pipe work to drive the hot liquor to the new Mash Tun and to feed the Flash Pasteuriser. We fired up the boiler and gave it a test run, Successful!
Falcon Engineering were tasked to modify the ex-Matson 5000lt Whirlpool and convert it into 130hl kettle at their workshop with all the bells and whistles without getting into the fine details, they have done a great job of that! It’s now in place and what a mission but Jono from Mainfreight had magnificent skills to back in his Hiab Truck into the Brewery with only centimetres to spare then got the Kettle into place, Great job and a relief.
The Mash Tun is almost completed and ready to put into place. The next step will be mapping out and installing the array of pipe work to complete the link. We then put in all the essentials of a Heat Exchanger, Glycol feed, Liquor Feed and all the Electrical fit out….Phew! BREWING!!

Harringtons Breweries Harringtons Breweries Harringtons Breweries Harringtons Breweries Harringtons Breweries Harringtons Breweries Harringtons Breweries Harringtons Breweries

Ah yes, then onto Recipe building to suit that size Brewing another challenge……then that’s the brew house spoken for. The Cellar is now filled to the max with more Vessels to accommodate our potential and future output. More exciting times ahead for all of us as we embark on canning as part of our operations at that site. The plant arrives on the 16th of November.

We have undergone a programme of extra training of all of our staff inside and outside of the brewery on beer education and etiquette that has been received with enthusiasm, the conclusion is making our staff even more professional as brewers and brewing Technicians, front line Bottle store/Bar staff as educated presenters of our products and up with the best on the front line hosting our customers also experiencing interaction on topics of beers styles with the brewers and customers. Cheers to you all.

Belfast Bar and restaurant has taken a facelift on the layout along with the menu. With the collaboration of Fergus our Chef and Belfast Manager Andy, Great hosting and with the new menu’s and beer matching looks really enticing and another huge step forward for us to looking after our customers.

We have launched our Hefeweizen as a one ‘off’ . It’s called Kohatu-Weizen (4.8% ABV). Its styled on the traditional Hefe with a Kiwi Flare of NZ Hops that of Kohatu , all in all giving a the aroma of Bananas and Bubble gum with a little hint of mandarin on the palette.

Harringtons Breweries Harringtons Breweries Harringtons Breweries Harringtons Breweries

We have our Kolsch fermenting away and will be ready to launch as part of our summer range, it’s meeting all expectation and will be about a 4.4% when finished.

Amongst all the happenings here we still are having fun developing exciting beers.
Well that’s it from me for the time been and the next time you will hear from me will be quoting that we are under way here a Parkhouse brewery , canning and brewing!!

Thanking all the Team of Harrington’s Breweries in whatever role they are in, we are turning the wheels and were getting better at what we do.

Cheers Till next time…..December?