From the Cellar – July 2014


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From the Cellar,

photo 5 (2)Here we are again as another month slips by and slowly getting through the winter which it presents its challengers in more than one way.

Since my last Blog we have commissioned Stage One of the new brewery site that being able to do production with the installation of our 25hl ex Ferry mead brew plant. Eureka! (see picture gallery)

We had accomplished it ,great feeling of a success by all of everyone involved which were an enthusiastic team even before the set out time forecasted , though fine tuning was required on some of the gear but it’s now second nature. It certainly put a smile on my dial for weeks, to understand the feeling it was emotional putting life back into an old faithful friend as we really missed the o’l girl, it’s now open up the doors for us to put out smaller amount of our specialty beers for its actual Market requirement and the opportunity to bring out some limited Funky beers!

We are in the next few months to have 4 more products to release, Ginger Beer 4.8% ABV, American Pale ale 4.7% ABV ,Harrington’s Wheat Beer 4.8% ( New Style ) and a Kolsch 4.4% ABV.

Stage two is currently underway that being the construction of a 10,000lt (100hl) plant that will be position alongside the little 25hl brew plant. We have since employed a full time fabricator to undertake this big job. It is slowly coming together but very logistical as its like putting a jig saw together whilst working around a working environment in a limited space. We have been removing old compromised beyond repair vessels then replacing them with new.

With all this in mind we have taken in a huge amount of expert advice for existing to alternative energy sourcing and implementation. I can now almost sit for a degree in this subject but thanks to those many for their knowledge. Everything is work in progress which we are all looking at around six weeks to have something in one of the five 10,000lt fermenters.

All our staff at Ferry Rd brewery have been enjoying the challenges set upon them of multi-tasking , from cellaring that includes a labyrinth of multiple tasking  ,filtration, Carbonating, cleaning in place etc, education in Chemical Handling to Brewing  and  QA documentation. Each area requires specific challenges and well done team!

We have since undertaken big changes in our operations with the inclusion of bringing on board key staff for admin , Human resources, A necessary  to streamline our ever growing business also with inclusion of a Media Marketing guru to cover our social media.

Everything is happening full steam ahead! The Harrington’s Riccarton Bar is ever increasingly getting busier even through these cool winter nights.

Next  is two of my Beer selections for the month.

Harringtons-STRONGMAN-poster_SMALLStrongman Strong Lager 6.5% ABV

This is a personal favourite of mine, Name is infamous for the West Coast  Strongman Mine where the Harrington’s have a personal association with the mine having generations of family that have worked it.

This Strong Lager is Full in flavour, Gold in colour, Malt character galore with a not over the top hop finish.

Food match is a good o’l Kiwi Bar b que, Chicken, Sausages and Steak! My preference any way or Roast Pork and Apple Sauce is Perfect.

Serve @ 4Deg

Big-John_SMALLBig John 6.5%

This has been around almost as long as I have, Perfected to the ‘T’,  Big John being a tribute and named after J R Harrington.

It’s a lovely smooth Light Chocolate Beer, Flavoursome with a light caramel mouth feel, lightly hopped with warming of alcohol with a big punch.

A food match is a Roast of Beef with Yorkshire Pudding and plenty of Dark Gravy , hint : use Big John with your Stock as you thicken your gravy.

Cheers and Good Health,

Mark and the Team at Harrington’s Breweries