Contract Brewing & Bottling with Harrington’s Breweries

TITLE1Harrington’s Breweries have been brewing craft beer for 25 years and were crowned grand champion NZ brewery in 2012. We are family owned with 3 generations of Harringtons working in the business.

banner-left-columnWith recent brewery expansions we now have the capacity for contract brewing with minimum volumes starting from 5000 litres through our 70hl, and 100hl brew plants. Our experienced team lead by Production/Logistics manager; Mark White and Head Brewer, Matt Thomson can consult and work alongside you to develop your brew to suit local and international markets.

In late 2014, Harrington’s Breweries installed a canning line with capabilities to can 330ml, 440ml, and 500ml unpasteurised beer. Combined with our bottling line which will bottle your beer or cider into a variety of sizes from 330ml, 500ml, and 640ml glass with crown seal or twist top caps.

For the crafted soft drink market we have an ROPP capper and can manufacture and tunnel pasteurise your product. Our in-house food technologist, Jasmin Estera is available to help you get your recipe to the bottle. All bottles are best before dated in yellow ink for easy reading and all cartons can be inkjet printed with your best before date and batch number as required.

Harrington’s Breweries is arguably one of the largest and longest standing breweries in the country, as such we are essentially a ‘one stop shop’! We are available to provide other services from carton/bottle/crown/barcode supply to packaging and labelling to brew recipe consultation with our experienced brewing team and food technologists.

For more information please contact
Carl Harrington
Ph. 021 758 519






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